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Kettering Baptist Church was founded as a Southern Baptist Church mission on October 17, 1969 under the sponsorship of Kent Baptist Church of Landover, Maryland and others. It was the first church founded in the evolving Kettering community. The first services were held at Kettering Elementary School and in 1972 the mission began building an edifice at its current site, which was dedicated in April 28, 1974. It became incorporated as Kettering Baptist Church on April 4, 1973. In 1993, the church expanded its dwelling to include the erection of a 5,408 square foot educational building. Several interim pastors served the church beginning with Pastor Roger Berhauser (1969), Pastor Charles Stover (1970-71), Pastor Larry Kalb (1974-77), and Pastor Harry Hoback (1978-87). The fulltime pastors were: Pastor Billy Comfort (1971-79) and Pastor David Keyser (1987-1998). Our current and longest serving fulltime pastor is Pastor Bucas Sterling III (2000 until present); he is also our first African American Pastor. Under Pastor Sterling’s leadership the membership of the church has experienced tremendous expansion since 2000, growing from less than 200 members to well over 1000 members and an unknown number of radio audience who tune in regularly locally on FM radio and nationally on XM Sirius radio. On December 24, 2016, Kettering Baptist Church moved into its new edifice located at 6909 Crain Highway Upper Marlboro, Maryland. God has found favor with Kettering Baptist Church and continues to open opportunities for the expansion of its service.

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